Elevating Construction Risk Management with Geocomp’s iSiteCentral Web-Based Data Management Services

As instrumentation and monitoring remain a key aspect of modern construction risk management, a comprehensive data management solution is a crucial component of a safety monitoring program and contributes to the success of projects. iSiteCentral® is a trailblazing choice that has consistently delivered exceptional results.

In this blog post, we will explore how iSiteCentral, our web-based data management services is revolutionizing the way construction professionals handle critical structured and unstructured project data.

Scalable to Suit Projects of Any Size

One of the standout features of iSiteCentral is its scalability. Whether you’re overseeing a small project with just a handful of instruments or managing a sprawling enterprise project with over 20,000 + instruments spread across various geographic locations, iSiteCentral can effortlessly adapt to meet your needs. We understand that construction projects come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve designed iSiteCentral to be flexible enough to accommodate them all.

Manufacturer Agnostic

iSiteCentral is not tethered to specific instrumentation manufacturers. It boasts the capability to store monitoring data from virtually any instrument type or data acquisition system available on the market, offering you the freedom to choose the best tools for your projects without worrying about compatibility issues. From standard sensors such as seismographs, tilt meters, and dust monitors to advanced mapping solutions like drone LiDAR and InSAR satellite data, iSiteCentral can handle all levels of sensor information.

This flexibility extends to data visualization, where iSiteCentral empowers you to interpret and display data in ways that make the most sense for your specific needs. We can reduce the number of software interfaces and combine data on plots so that you can view data together instead of plots and visualizations from different systems.

Seamless Web-Based Access

Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading and installing applications. iSiteCentral is a web-based platform, accessible with ease through your web browser. Whether you’re working from a PC, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll enjoy a seamless 1-to-1 user experience. Having a similar experience from the field to the office means less training and lower cost of adoption across your users.

Trusted Reliability

With our impressive 99.99% uptime, your critical project data will always be within reach, providing uninterrupted progress and decision-making. When your projects are at important stages, or when significant activity is occurring on site, the last thing you want is to feel disconnected from what is happening with your sensors.

Robust Notification System

iSiteCentral offers a robust notification system that keeps you informed about the status of your sensors from anywhere. Receive alerts for alarm conditions or monitor data reception, all of which are fully customizable to align with your project’s unique requirements. Stay ahead of issues and keep your projects on track with iSiteCentral proactive notifications. Notifications are available via text message and email for easy access from anywhere.

The notification system also allows users to acknowledge and comment on the state of the notification. This can allow field personnel to comment on an investigation into an alert, for an engineer to qualify the alert and indicate that an action was taken or wasn’t necessary, or track an emerging condition that the team is aware of.

Efficient Documentation Management

Effortlessly manage critical site documentation within the iSiteCentral platform. Whether it is structured data from sensors or unstructured documents from other sources (graphs, notes, reports, images, etc.), you can link these data together directly to your sensors for quick and easy access. This helps create a complete understanding and will allow you to make informed decisions and interpretations. With iSiteCentral, your essential project files and sensor-specific documents are just a click away, enhancing efficiency and organization.

Granular User Control

iSiteCentral empowers project managers with granular control over who can access specific assets within the platform. A “super-user” can assign control and interaction levels, whether for sensors, documents, charts, or more, to user groups, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view and interact with specific data on your site.

This allows the owner and stakeholders to control the data and for certain parties to have access to necessary data without giving full access.  Users can interact only with data that is important to them without having to see unnecessary sensors and plots that do not necessarily affect their area of concern.

Enhanced Mapping and Design

Elevate your project visualization with iSiteCentral advanced mapping capabilities. Import updated aerial imagery or overlay CAD designs and layouts onto the base imagery, providing a clearer view of your project’s progress and status. iSiteCentral brings your projects to life with rich visual representations.

Streamlined Set-up with Excel Add-In

Our iSiteCentral platform allows you to setup sensors directly through the web interface. For large projects, iSiteCentral offers an Excel add-in that simplifies setup. Bulk uploads of sensor information through this plugin save significant time, and reduce potential for errors. This allows the creation of hundreds of similar sensor types to be created on iSiteCentral within minutes.

Automated Reporting with Word Add-In

We streamline reporting with our Word add-in to automate the reporting process. Our process allows the user to create reporting templates that update directly from your iSiteCentral project which means that plots and tables update with the click of a button and provide your analysis directly into the working report. This workflow saves time by eliminating the need to grab tables and plots cut out from a PDF report and reduces the amount of rework needed for revisions as you can update plots in the same working document.

iSiteCentral is your comprehensive solution for instrumentation and monitoring data management in the world of construction risk management.

If you want to learn more about how iSiteCentral could be beneficial to your project needs, contact us at info@geocomp.com.

Post by: Matt Ham, Data Services Manager and Health & Safety Coordinator at Geocomp. As an Environmental Scientist Grade III with Geocomp, Matt Ham is responsible for data and asset management with an emphasis on iSiteCentral. He has worked on a variety of field investigations and performance monitoring systems for power, development, and transportation-related projects, conducting numerous pre- and post-construction building inspections and preparing detailed building reports for both residential and mix use projects. Matt has been the lead on setting up many iSite projects and been heavily involved in instrumentation and monitoring installations.

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